Pot, Weed, Blunts, why is it illegal?

I was reading specific details on this Pot Website, where they claim that in the Netherlands where 39% of the population smokes regularly cannabis, is the country that has the least diabetics worldwide, it is the country that has least cancer patients worldwide, it is the country that has the least liver and kidney infection or diseases worldwide, it is the only country in the world where marijuana is legal.

weed website

I was talking three days ago with my good friend Thomas Cheng that pointed me to a website that explain what I just said in detail, where basically they let the professors and the scientists Paul, they let them help people how good weed is for your help especially if you are a person that may have some of the illnesses that I listed above.

You can get a massive culture on how good pot is for you simply by reading a couple all very interesting articles on this Alternative News website, it is not a website that was born yesterday, it is a website that has been on the web for the past 20 years and has roughly 2,000,000 readers every day and therefore it is an absolute credible results and therefore I do invite all of my readers who visit this website and make up your own mind, or better still get a culture on what actually happens in this world besides legalizing marijuana but everything in general that maybe you did not know about because CNN and Fox news don’t talk about it because they are paid not to talk about it.